Saturday, June 6, 2009

Purses and Pinwheels and Trees...oh my!

I saw these little purses here and just thought they were so cute! I got a bunch of Hawaiian fat quarters from Elaines Quilt Block. I found bracelets on clearance at target and voila...cute purses for the girlies at our party to take home.
I came up with this idea around 3am last night. I was trying to think of a cute way to display all the purses and make them look fun. I had them in a basket but it was so boring. So I decided to do a little decorating on our ficus...and the purse tree was born! It was a fun way to display them and all the little girls got to go over to the tree and pick out the purse they wanted.
Ever since I found this tutorial for paper pinwheels I've wanted to make them. What a better time than a party! They were a huge hit. All the kids took one home. They took WAY longer to make than anticipated!

Some things I learned while making them. I couldn't find double sided 7x7 paper. So I bought a stack of 7x7 single sided paper and then used spray glue to glue them together.

I used the large eyelets and ended up needing hot glue for the 3 top layers because it didn't fit as well since the paper was double sided.

The first 3 I made don't spin. The more i made the better I got at getting them to spin. I think next time I will put a bead on both sides of the dowel to space it better= make it spin better.

I didn't have a flower punch so I just hot glued buttons to the front. I think it looks peachy.



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