Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lightbulb Moment

Ever have one of those duh! moments?

We made banana cupcakes todays. I love making the mini cupcakes...they are just perfect for my little ones. The cupcake papers must be too big for my cupcake pan because they don't fit in just right.

Every time I would scoop some batter into the paper, the whole thing would turn on it's side. Not pretty...and very messy!
So I scooped my batter into a ziplock bag, snipped the end and voila! I was able to hold the paper still with one hand while piping the perfect amount of batter into the paper!
Ahhh...that's better!
See the difference? I need to get better papers because even the good ones are a tad bit lopsided. But they taste delish!!

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