Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Ghetto FABULOUS Cake!

I made a cake for my sister Kaitlyn's birthday. She is a funny girl and hates her birthday...and she doesn't like cake either. So I made her a rice crispy treat cake. The base is chocolate cake and the purse is rice crispy treat and chocolate marshmallow frosting.
Don't you love how excited she is! She wouldn't even let us sing happy birthday...stinker. But I had fun making the cake...even though I think it turned out a little ghetto.
The reason I think it is ghetto is because 1. I used buttercream frosting instead of fondant so it looks kind of sloppy and 2. The chocolate frosting was in the handle and it totally melted on the way to my cousin's house! Everyone loved it though and didn't care. I'm just ultra critical. It sure was yummy though...especially the rice crispy treat. I think I like it better than cake!

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