Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Ghetto FABULOUS Cake!

I made a cake for my sister Kaitlyn's birthday. She is a funny girl and hates her birthday...and she doesn't like cake either. So I made her a rice crispy treat cake. The base is chocolate cake and the purse is rice crispy treat and chocolate marshmallow frosting.
Don't you love how excited she is! She wouldn't even let us sing happy birthday...stinker. But I had fun making the cake...even though I think it turned out a little ghetto.
The reason I think it is ghetto is because 1. I used buttercream frosting instead of fondant so it looks kind of sloppy and 2. The chocolate frosting was in the handle and it totally melted on the way to my cousin's house! Everyone loved it though and didn't care. I'm just ultra critical. It sure was yummy though...especially the rice crispy treat. I think I like it better than cake!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First of Many!

I just finished my first bag! I really like how it turned out. It was an easy project and used very little fabric. The Buttercup Bag was designed by Made by Rae and the tutorial is HERE.
I love these bright colors. The outside fabric is Wildwood by Erin McMorris and the liner fabric is Blooming Bubbles by Alexander Henry

Lightbulb Moment

Ever have one of those duh! moments?

We made banana cupcakes todays. I love making the mini cupcakes...they are just perfect for my little ones. The cupcake papers must be too big for my cupcake pan because they don't fit in just right.

Every time I would scoop some batter into the paper, the whole thing would turn on it's side. Not pretty...and very messy!
So I scooped my batter into a ziplock bag, snipped the end and voila! I was able to hold the paper still with one hand while piping the perfect amount of batter into the paper!
Ahhh...that's better!
See the difference? I need to get better papers because even the good ones are a tad bit lopsided. But they taste delish!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Last of the Father's Day Posts

This is a little late but I couldn't find my camera for a while. Here is the Father's Day card I made for Robert's dad. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's site but ended up using THIS tutorial for the shirt. I sewed on the buttons.

As for the Father's Day gift...I actually am not a fan of how it turned out. It was supposed to be a case for an mp3 player. I used the tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.

I think the reason I didn't love it 1. The fabric. I picked it out at Joannes (first mistake) and with all my kids so I was in a major rush. 2. It was way to big for an mp3 player. I found some better tutorials later...but ran out of time because I had to mail.

It all worked out though. He ended up using it for a camera case because they just bought a new camera and it was the right size. I guess they can't all be winners...but each project is a growing and learning experience!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Favorite Part

My favorite part about making a gift for someone is when they like it (not that they always do...but in this case they did!)
Brielle was so happy to give this to him. I think she felt special because there were pictures of her...and thought it was pretty cool because they moved around.
My dad's reaction was priceless. Seriously made my day.
Brought tears to his eyes...he loves being papi. What a cool dad I have!

Fun & Games

Here is Part 2 of my Father's Day gifts. This thing ended up taking me so much longer than I anticipated. But I really like how it turned out and I have a feeling that Robert will really like it. If not...Brielle is in love with it and wants me to make her one!

Some of the later picture turned out a little more "Picasso" than the first ones!
I bought my Rubix Cube on ebay & used spray glue to adhere the squares
One tip: cover all the sides not being glued with parchment paper so they don't get all sticky from the spray glue. Don't forget the bottom!

You can find the tutorial here. It is a fun and easy project.

So I'm going on 24 hours with no sleep. I don't know what my deal is. When I get this creative energy I do way to much and there isn't enough time to finish I just don't sleep. I need to learn how not to procrastinate so much!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lovin the Letters!

Here is part 1 of my Father's day gifts. I made this for my dad...well I should say WE made this for my dad cause I couldn't have done it without my sis-in-law Jamie! Her kids seriously make this gift extra special. Not that my kids aren't awesome...but we miss our adorable nephews and niece! I L.O.V.E. how it turned out! Hope my dad likes it!

Click on picture to make it bigger

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I heart Bakerella!

So Robert signed up to bring in dessert for his work luncheon. They are having a bbq/picnic themed lunch and I remembered THIS blog and I just HAD to try them out. I bought everything to make them and then Bakerella posted THIS on Sunday and oh boy...I had fun making these!

HAMBURGER CUPCAKES and COOKIE FRENCH FRIES! These are super easy to make...just time consuming. I used all box mixes...although I did not use the canned frosting...I made my own. I do NOT like canned frosting at all.
I used shredded coconut dyed green for the lettuce instead of green frosting
Hamburgers for lunch...then Hamburger cupcakes for dessert...yum!
I don't have a color I bought gingham scrapbook paper...spray glued it to card stock and then used the template to cut them out.
These pictures do not do justice...they turned out so cute! My only will I top this?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Upcoming Projects

Father's Day Presents:
Rubix Cube: Making this for Robert...he seems to have fun with these confusing little it would be something fun to put on his desk at work.
I will be doing it with pictures of the kids of course!
I also want to make him a holder for his mp3 player. Maybe even something he can strap to his arm while running. Or maybe just something to hold it in....not sure yet!

For my dad and Robert's Dad:
Grandpa Picture
So cute...I just have to coordinate with my sister-in-laws!

And my project which keeps getting put on the back burner...The Undercover Crate. Got my my fabric...just need the time!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Purses and Pinwheels and Trees...oh my!

I saw these little purses here and just thought they were so cute! I got a bunch of Hawaiian fat quarters from Elaines Quilt Block. I found bracelets on clearance at target and voila...cute purses for the girlies at our party to take home.
I came up with this idea around 3am last night. I was trying to think of a cute way to display all the purses and make them look fun. I had them in a basket but it was so boring. So I decided to do a little decorating on our ficus...and the purse tree was born! It was a fun way to display them and all the little girls got to go over to the tree and pick out the purse they wanted.
Ever since I found this tutorial for paper pinwheels I've wanted to make them. What a better time than a party! They were a huge hit. All the kids took one home. They took WAY longer to make than anticipated!

Some things I learned while making them. I couldn't find double sided 7x7 paper. So I bought a stack of 7x7 single sided paper and then used spray glue to glue them together.

I used the large eyelets and ended up needing hot glue for the 3 top layers because it didn't fit as well since the paper was double sided.

The first 3 I made don't spin. The more i made the better I got at getting them to spin. I think next time I will put a bead on both sides of the dowel to space it better= make it spin better.

I didn't have a flower punch so I just hot glued buttons to the front. I think it looks peachy.

Birthday Outfits

The inspiration to throwing a Hawaiian themed birthday party was the opportunity to make new outfits for my girls! I found this fabric in the clearance section at our local fabric shop and just love how it is simple and cute and in 3 colors so I can coordinate! I used the v-neck halter pattern from You can make this.


So this blog is for me to keep track of all the many blogs that inspire me and have a place to display all of my fun projects. Check the links on the right for lots of great ideas from many talented people! If you have any great ideas...send them my way! I love being inspired by all the many creative talents out there. Enjoy!


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