Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun & Games

Here is Part 2 of my Father's Day gifts. This thing ended up taking me so much longer than I anticipated. But I really like how it turned out and I have a feeling that Robert will really like it. If not...Brielle is in love with it and wants me to make her one!

Some of the later picture turned out a little more "Picasso" than the first ones!
I bought my Rubix Cube on ebay & used spray glue to adhere the squares
One tip: cover all the sides not being glued with parchment paper so they don't get all sticky from the spray glue. Don't forget the bottom!

You can find the tutorial here. It is a fun and easy project.

So I'm going on 24 hours with no sleep. I don't know what my deal is. When I get this creative energy I do way to much and there isn't enough time to finish I just don't sleep. I need to learn how not to procrastinate so much!!

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