Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I heart Bakerella!

So Robert signed up to bring in dessert for his work luncheon. They are having a bbq/picnic themed lunch and I remembered THIS blog and I just HAD to try them out. I bought everything to make them and then Bakerella posted THIS on Sunday and oh boy...I had fun making these!

HAMBURGER CUPCAKES and COOKIE FRENCH FRIES! These are super easy to make...just time consuming. I used all box mixes...although I did not use the canned frosting...I made my own. I do NOT like canned frosting at all.
I used shredded coconut dyed green for the lettuce instead of green frosting
Hamburgers for lunch...then Hamburger cupcakes for dessert...yum!
I don't have a color I bought gingham scrapbook paper...spray glued it to card stock and then used the template to cut them out.
These pictures do not do justice...they turned out so cute! My only will I top this?


  1. Ok my Mom and I just finished oohing and aahing over these...are you serious, the pictures are amazing and I'm sure even better in person!

  2. Made these for our Father's Day BBQ tonight -- thanks so much for the idea!! They were a big hit!!!



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