Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Tutorial....sort of!

Picnic-Tastic Lunch Mats

Finished the rest of the Leong Mothers Day gifts! Two more sets of picnic place mats using Sandi Henderson (old skool) fabric! I made these double sided.


Wanna make these! So easy!

Cut out place mat 22" wide by 16" tall (cut 4)
Cut pocket 7" wide x 4" tall (cut 4)
Cut napkin holder 2" wide x 4" tall (cut 4)

To make the place mats, fold the fabric over (right sides together). Your fabric should measure 16" wide x 11" tall. Sew together leaving an opening for turning. Turn mat right side out and use a chopstick to push out the edges. IRON, IRON and IRON some more. I used starch and the chopstick to make nice, crisp edges.

Top stitch around all four sides of the mat (this will close up the hole).

For the pocket, take the top edge...fold it down 1/4 inch...then another 1/4 inch. Press and top stitch. For the flatware holder take your 2x4" fabric. Fold it in half. Open again and fold both sides into the middle..then fold again. Iron and top stitch on both sides.

Put your flatware holder on top of the pocket piece and baste in place. Then take the three raw edges (with the newly attached flatware holder) and fold back 1/2 inch and iron (on the backside). Top stitch pocket to place mat. (does this part make any sense at all)?

And you have some fun place mats....so go on a picnic and enjoy!!

I have the cutest little helpers!!

Well, those were really not the best instructions...not really a tutorial, but it isn't my original work so I just wanted to pass the info along (mostly for Darcy!) Hope it wasn't too confusing!

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