Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Preview

I'm not always the best at getting gifts out to family...but I really want to honor all of the mothers in my family!

About 2 summers ago, Robert's family started picnic in the park. It has become a little tradition. Everyone cooks something yummy and meets at the Chardonnay Hills park. So I decided to make a set of picnic place mats for Robert's sisters and mom. No more eating on those yucky picnic tables!! Here is a set that I made for one of his sisters. I still have two left to make...but I'm getting there!


I love this Tina Givens fabric. I wish I had some of the coordinates..but since I don't this was a perfect project!

The best part of the place mats...a cute little pocket to keep your napkin from flying away and a little spot for your flatware.

Tutorial was from "One Yard Wonders". So many fun ideas in that book!

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