Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Party Supplies {on a budget}

My twins are turning 4 in two weeks!! My babies are surly not babies any more :(. I asked them what kind of party they wanted. Well I ACTUALLY asked them if they wanted a dolly and me party. Nope...PRINCESS! I asked them if they wanted a jungle party, a monkey party, a ladybug party, a butterfly party. Nope... PRINCESS! {I don't know...I'm just SO over princess. But I really wanted them to be involved in the party}. Luckily my last ditch effort to stear them away from princess I asked them if they wanted a Pinkalicious Party. YES!!!!

Pinkalicious of course is based on this adorable book. I honestly think they just liked it because it was going to be a PINK party...their favorite color.


I have a pretty tight budget for this party so I'll be making everything and trying to use things that I already have.

One thing that can totally add up are party supplies...plates, cups, napkins etc. I priced them out at Target and Zurchers {local party store} and for my small party {12 kids} it would have cost about $16 just for the cute plates, napkins and cups.

At my dollar store however I could get the same amount of plates, napkins and cups for $6. So I did. But they are so plain...so boring...so vanilla!

Enter streamer ruffles!!! I saw this tutorial at My Paper Crane and decided to spruce up my $$ tableware with ruffles!

Since I'm going to be making a TON of ruffles for this party I bought the honkin rolls at the party store for $1.68 each.


For the plates I stacked the two pinks on top of each other and cut them in half.


To ruffle just sew a line down the center of the streamer and squish it under as you go.

Grab some hot glue and glue the ruffle around your plate and voila...ruffle plates. My little 4 year olds gasped with glee when they saw me making them. "So pretty mama!"...love my little ones.Photobucket
Same thing for the cups except I didn't cut the streamer in half


While I was at it I had a silver cup that was holding scissors in my sewing room. A little hot glue...a little ruffles and I like it a lot better!
Stay tuned for more party supplies {on a budget}

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  1. Adorable! I love these. I want to make them as a backdrop for Bree's party this year. :) I was going to give Bree a pinkalicious party last year but ended up going with the poodle party. Anyway, I remember on the pinkalicious website they had free coloring pages and printables!



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