Monday, May 23, 2011

No Sew Rosette Headband Tutorial

No Sew Rossette Headband Tutorial

I've been having so much fun making these headbands for my girls {and friends}. They are so cute and cost less than $1 to make. Can't beat that!!


* Fabric. You can use cotton, silk, fake silk, satin...really anything that you can tear long strips. Rip 1 1/2" strips by snipping at one end and then ripping down the other. Make sure you go selvage to selvage {those are the finished edges of the fabric}

* Headbands...I get 4 for $1 at the $$ store


*Hot Glue Gun

*Fray Check {can be found at your local craft store}


{Step One}
Start at one end of your strip. Dab some hot glue in the center of the end and fold it into thirds

{Step Two}
Roll the little end of your fabric {now 1/2 wide}. Twist the fabric and begin to wrap it around your center...adding hot glue as you go. {tip...make sure your hot glue is put toward the bottom so that you won't be able to see it on the top of your rosette}


Keep twisting your fabric and gluing as you go. I like to twist it so you can see the fray and the print side of the fabric. Twist the fabric tighter or looser for a different look.

{Step 3}
Once you have the rosette the size you want, wrap the rest of the fabric around the back side and hot glue the tail. Snip off any excess fabric.


You can make any combo you large one, three small ones, one big and two small. Twist and glue to your heart's desire.


{Step Four}
When you are finished making your rosettes...get a piece of felt and hot glue your rosettes to the felt. Then trim around the felt. You want it to hide underneath your rosettes.


{Step 5}
Since I buy $$ store headbands, I wrap them in grossgrain ribbon. Start at the bottom and add a little hot glue at a time to the TOP of the headband. Glue and wrap, glue and wrap.

Since I only had thick ribbon, I cut off an inch or so for the bottom of the headband. I glued the ribbon in half so the width would match the width of the headband. Finish the edges with fray check and glue to the bottom of the headband. This will cover the bottom edges of the headband.


{Step Six}

Sorry no picture! To attach the rosette to the headband, cut another piece of felt the same size/shape as the one of the back of your rosette. Hot glue the rosette to the headband and on the bottom side of the headband, glue the felt to the felt on the bottom side of the rosette. You could just glue the rosette to the headband, but if you add the felt, it gives it extra stability and it should last longer.

{Step Seven}

Enjoy the smiles you'll get from a happy little girl!!


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