Saturday, November 6, 2010

Santa's Workshop

Well, something happens this time of office becomes a sweatshop. Every January I think that I'll get these gifts done throughout the year. Uh...nope. The procrastinator in me would just not like that. So when I realized that I had to get all of my gifts done by Wednesday...yeah I finally decided to get to work. 1 family done...1 more family to go.

And it isn't actually that I haven't been sewing. I just haven't been blogging...or sewing for Christmas! But here are a few things I've been working on these last few days...

This is Molly. Isn't she girls sure think so. I keep having to hide her because they Looooove this soft little monkey!

Some kimono style jammy/lounge outfit. I used Amy Butler's pattern from her "Little Stitches" book. At least the top.

Confession: These were the first pants I made. I haven't had a baby for a while...but they just looked like they might not be that comfortable. I guess I need a little practice putting pants together!

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