Sunday, December 20, 2009

poor procrastinator

Boo hoo....woe is me...this is my sob story

I waited until 2 weeks before Christmas to make all of the many handmade Christmas gifts on my list.

My home fell apart {not literally but I have resigned to not answering the door for fear of my visiting teachers surprising me with a visit}

I gave myself a deadline. No more sewing after Friday, December 18th! {Robert has since said that next time I give myself a deadline it must come with a time as well}

So I stayed up all Friday night...because in my mind Saturday didn't start until I went to sleep. I had dreams of making adorable backpacks for my fun twin girls. It was the last thing on my list and I was determined not to sleep until I had both backpacks ready to wrap.

I finished the first of the two packpacks at 4am on Saturday morning. It turned out horrible. I was crushed. I decided to throw it away. Robert convinced me to keep it but I was bummed out. I think it may have been the major lack of sleep more than anything because not I don't think this backpack turned out HORRIBLE. It isn't good...but that is what I get for procrastinating.

It had such potential too...

I loved the fabric...Andalucia by Patty Young
Backpack 1 cropped
Mistake #1: I used interfacing for everything...but I ran out for the zipper straps. I thought it would be fine. It was not. I think this would have been easier if I skipped the interfacing and used medium to heavy weight fabric instead of quilters cotton.

backpack2 cropped
Back view...not horrible
Botched backpack back is where it got ugly. I don't know if the measurements were off or if I did something wrong. But the loop {the zipper + sides + bottom} seamed too big when sewed onto the front and back. I'm pretty sure I did something wrong because I think I didn't sew them together in the right order. I was so tired and not thinking straight.
Botched Backpack

Ahh well...I was resigned never to sew again. But after a good nights sleep and a 3 hour nap today i think that I am ready to try this out again {maybe in January}

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  1. You know....i think you did well. A back pack, especially the kind you tried is not easy. My daughter started school on Thursday and I am still trying to figure it out in my head. It's not coming together. It will I guess, after a few misses. Sometimes I find that exciting, cause that's where I'm learning. :)
    Loved your blog!



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